Advanced Materials Discovery & UnderstandingAdvanced Materials Discovery & Understanding

Intermolecular is a leading source for advanced materials discovery and understanding. We work closely with our customers using our High Productivity Combinatorial(HPC) platform to discover, develop and characterize engineered materials for next generation high-technology products.

Good decisions require good data, and that’s where Intermolecular gives its partners a powerful competitive advantage – by generating high quality and extensive experimental data in less time.

Intermolecular's solutions and services create value for its customers by enabling them to rapidly discover and create new options for mission-critical materials decisions.

Technology PlatformTechnology Platform

Purpose-built hardware and Informatics software accelerate the discovery and understanding of advanced materials.

The Power of ExperimentsThe Power of Experiments

Our customers rely on the discovery and understanding of new advanced materials to sustain their industries.

Introduction to IntermolecularIntroduction to Intermolecular