Application-specific R&D for semiconductorsApplication-specific R&D for semiconductors

Semiconductor technology has a 50-year track record of bringing extraordinary new capabilities to communications, medicine, entertainment, and other spheres of daily life. But as semiconductor technology approaches the physical limits of device scaling, further progress is largely dependent on innovations in new materials and device architectures.

Intermolecular is fully dedicated to this type of innovation, and helps its customers develop novel solutions for a wide range of critical semiconductor challenges, including:

  • High-k metal gates for logic and memory applications
  • Flash memory
  • High-k for stacked-capacitor DRAMs
  • Critical front-end and back-end clean applications
  • Advanced interconnects (Cu/Low-k integration, etc.)
  • Next-generation memory technologies (phase change, resistive RAM, etc.)
  • Next-generation logic devices (III-V, graphene, etc.)

Intermolecular delivers rapid results for our partners by combining our team’s diverse technical capabilities with the power of application-specific R&D Workflows. These capabilities include:

  • High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) processing systems
  • Non-HPC processing systems
  • Advanced characterization and electrical testing

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and technologists, working together in our state-of-the-art development center, allow us to cover the entire span of semiconductor development – from materials discovery all the way through scale-up to high-volume manufacturing. Through close collaboration with our customers, we solve difficult technical problems while simultaneously reducing risk and maximizing return on development expenses.

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