Collaborative business modelCollaborative business model

Intermolecular’s business model effectively re-balances the risk/reward ratio for semiconductor and clean energy R&D projects. We leverage our proprietary High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) platform, a flexible fab infrastructure, and a world-class team to rapidly address your development needs.

Our partnership-based business model is most often implemented in Collaborative Development Programs (CDPs), which focus on jointly solving specific technical problems. This provides mutual incentives for success, while giving our customers low up-front costs along with (in contrast to consortium R&D models) controlling rights to differentiated, manufacturable, IP-protected technology.

Customers may also have the option of purchasing Intermolecular's Tempus™ HPC Workflows with their respective licenses. This approach enables customers to augment their internal R&D organizations with hardware and software for data generation, management and analysis, thereby improving the speed, efficiency and ROI of their R&D efforts.

In either case, the ultimate outcome is quick advancement of R&D projects, from exploration to prototyping to production, with researchers gaining new insight into materials, process integration, and device interdependencies.

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