Fast forward thinkingFast forward thinking

Intermolecular’s mission is to redefine R&D for the semiconductor and clean energy sectors as they develop new generations of technology for the communications, consumer electronics, medical device, automotive, and entertainment industries. We help our partners accomplish practical, market-oriented goals faster, with higher ROI, so that unique new devices, processes and materials can quickly move into volume production.

Growing risks in R&D

Semiconductor and clean energy companies today are dependent upon innovation for growth; falling even one technology node behind an industry leader can be devastating. Concurrently, R&D in these innovation-oriented industries is increasingly high-risk, with many hurdles in the path of bringing differentiated products to market in a timely way. R&D costs have increased, but speed has not – traditional methods of R&D are simply inadequate.

Outstanding technology and intellectual resources

Intermolecular is redefining R&D with a combination of technology (the High Productivity Combinatorial platform) and the outstanding intellectual resources of our experienced multidisciplinary team. Our tools and methods enable rapid experimentation and device prototyping, and dramatically reduce the time needed to create and analyze experimental data. The end result of our customer engagements provides customers with differentiated, IP-protected technology that they control and commercialize to drive profits.

Putting proven technology to work

Our methods have been demonstrated for more than 15 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Now, Intermolecular’s innovative business model allows our methods to be leveraged in three ways: participation in a collaborative development program (CDP) with Intermolecular's team, purchase of our Tempus™ HPC integrated hardware and software platform, or licensing of IP developed and qualified by Intermolecular.

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