Real-world R&D results for clean energy developersReal-world R&D results for clean energy developers

Energy is one of the great challenges facing mankind. Technological innovation promises to improve the lives of billions of people by providing:

  • Renewable, clean sources of energy generation
  • Storage solutions to make that energy dispatchable and transportable
  • Reduced draw on the existing electric grid for heating, cooling, transportation and lighting

Billions of dollars have already been invested in a diverse array of clean energy technologies. But most of these are early in their development, and traditional approaches to R&D are proving expensive, risky and too slow in light of the urgent need for manufacturable, low-cost solutions.

Comprehensive exploration with HPC technology

Intermolecular’s High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) platform changes the equation for a number of technologies involving the deposition and integration of thin-film materials. It enables technologists to prototype hundreds or even thousands of integrated devices each week, providing a powerful data set that connects material properties to final device results, and permitting a comprehensive exploration of far more materials, processes and process integration schemes than would ever be possible with standard R&D approaches.

If your company is ready to bend the learning-cost curve in your favor, Intermolecular is ready to help. We make our partners more competitive in less time, with the power of the HPC approach.

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