Semiconductor equipment R&D, redefinedSemiconductor equipment R&D, redefined

Today, successful semiconductor and PV equipment R&D is less about hardware and more about process development, integration and close collaboration with customers’ R&D teams. Leading equipment makers are increasingly finding that traditional R&D methods are inefficient, costly, and lacking in continuity between lab and fab line.

Intermolecular’s High Productivity Combinatorial technology platform and veteran research team are an ideal match for development of next-generation semiconductor and PV processing. Together with equipment company R&D teams, Intermolecular accelerates process development and tool qualification, enables collaborations for data-driven PTOR decisions, and gives toolmakers new levels of independence by reducing their need for customer-developed test wafers.

With leading-edge capabilities in PVD, ALD, CVD and wet processing, and a track record of successful partnerships with equipment makers, Intermolecular has helped bring advanced process technology into production with more speed and less risk than ever before. And with up-front costs kept low by Intermolecular’s unique business model, the economics are as good as the technology.

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