Practical, production-oriented R&D Practical, production-oriented R&D

In today’s IC manufacturing world, a singular type of innovation is not enough. Innovation has to deliver on multiple fronts, including differentiated device technology, with full manufacturing compatibility and no delays.

For this reason the time is right for a new R&D paradigm – one that begins with desired device specifications, and then creates an experimental process to achieve them.

The HPC advantage for chipmakers

Today, Intermolecular’s High Productivity CombinatorialTM (HPC) R&D platform is doing just that in logic, memory, and foundry applications, breaking down traditional barriers between R&D and the fab production, and giving manufacturers entirely new levels of control over device performance – and exclusive IP-protected technology.

Trained engineers and technologists using HPC technology can rapidly analyze materials, architectures, and processes, and custom-tailor the most fundamental components of ICs and solar cells while preserving manufacturability. So projects move rapidly from exploration to production, and researchers gain new insight into materials, process integration, and device interdependencies.

Bottom line: the HPC platform is a practical, production-oriented approach to semiconductor R&D, and Intermolecular is a partner that understands your market and your customers. Together, we can achieve results that would otherwise be unachievable.

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