A new paradigm for materials R&DA new paradigm for materials R&D

New materials are at the core of semiconductor and clean energy innovation, with each new technology generation drawing on more of the periodic table of the elements. These increasingly complex devices pose many challenges in both research and development, including performance, compatibility, manufacturability, cost, and IP ownership.

Companies capable of managing these challenges have a tremendous opportunity to apply materials science on behalf of their customers, and on behalf of society’s need for better energy supplies and usage. Intermolecular’s High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) technology platform has a sterling track record of making this possible. Today, Intermolecular’s partners are able to develop customer-specific solutions in timely, economical ways that were simply not possible a few years ago.

More visibility, more control

Because an approach using the HPC platform can produce hundreds of unique test structures at once, it allows materials developers to collect and analyze their own electrical data, while also addressing manufacturability issues early in the development process. And Intermolecular’s team of scientists and engineers has the in-depth experience and know-how to get maximum leverage from HPC technology.

Take the next step towards partnering with Intermolecular, and learn why a partner CEO recently cited the HPC platform-based approach as the foundation of his company’s newest product lines.

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