Discovery and Understanding of Novel Advanced MaterialsDiscovery and Understanding of Novel Advanced Materials

Traditional R&D is painstaking. Sequential experimentation and manual data analysis limit the number of options that can be explored. Additionally, manufacturability doesn’t come into play until late in the research and development cycle.

By contrast, our High-Productivity Combinatorial™ (HPC) R&D technology is built for flexibility, quality, quick learning, and better decision-making. As a result, our HPC platform accelerates the pace at which advanced materials can be discovered for the consumer, computing, communications, transportation and other industry sectors.

More data, better data, faster results

The HPC™ platform – embodied in our processing systems and Informatics software – dramatically increases both quantity and quality of materials learnings and provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Mapping of significantly larger experimental materials spaces

  • Evaluation of new materials without risking production equipment

  • Optimization of early-stage materials discovery and process development

How our HPC platform works

Our HPC platform utilizes advanced combinatorial processing systems that allow tens or even hundreds of experiments to be conducted in parallel, while Informatics software and analytical methods quickly scan the results for the most promising materials and unit process candidates. Manufacturability considerations can be taken into account from the outset, instead of late in the R&D process.