HPC R&D methodsHPC R&D methods

Every development program faces unique technical challenges.This is why Intermolecular’s High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) methodology allows rapid exploration of a wide range of materials candidates.

Three-step screening

We start with identifying possible candidate formulations, processes, and a three-step screening methodology performs a systematic narrowing of the materials solution space. By asking and answering only those questions that are absolutely necessary at each stage of development, we help our customers move rapidly and cost-effectively towards a solution that meets their requirements.

The first phase eliminates candidates through the use of simple and relatively easy experiments. High-throughput processing, characterization and data analysis weed out materials and/or processes that do not meet the Phase 1 requirements.

In Phase 2, more-complicated and extensive experiments further screen the best candidates based on application specific requirements.

Phase 3 evaluates the final candidates and focuses on identifying other factors related to manufacturability.


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