HPC Workflows HPC Workflows

Experimental data is the lifeblood of innovation. It is the only objective proof of whether new materials and device structures are suitable for targeted markets. But integrating new materials and device architectures into manufacturing lines has become an increasingly complex and expensive proposition, which is driving the need for more-efficient materials development methods.

To address this need, Intermolecular has developed the High Productivity CombinatorialTM (HPC) platform, which combines innovative systems and methods in three functional areas – processing, characterization and analysis. These areas are fundamental to discovering and understanding the materials space for specific applications.


The HPC workflows combine site-isolated, parallel or rapid-serial processing with throughput-matched characterization and automated data analysis and reporting. Each workflow enables rapid and efficient exploration of the relevant materials space, and generates characterization data types (e.g., physical, electrical) needed to create a robust data set and drive materials discovery and understanding.

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